Salvy raises $1M round, with participation from Y Combinator and led by SaaSholic.

Fundadores da Salvy: Artur Negrão, Maria Eduarda, Lucas Rosa, Hudo Assenço

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We’re excited to share some incredible news with all of you – Salvy has successfully raised a 5 million reais seed round. SaaSholic led the way, with participation from Y Combinator, the world’s largest accelerator. This round marks a significant moment in our journey, and I want to take this opportunity to share with you how I see Salvy today and in the future.

Reflection on our progress so far

Since our founding last year, we have been dedicated to simplifying the way businesses manage their mobile lines and IT demands. On our journey, the platform we developed, based on a SaaS model, was created to address the challenges of Brazil’s telecommunications landscape, making everything more accessible for businesses of different scales.

Looking back at the last year, I feel encouraged to see the effect Salvy has had on the market, directly helping more than 200 companies. This impact is reflected not only in numbers, such as our NPS of 86 and a retention rate of 206% over three months but also in the relationships we have built with our customers. It’s rewarding to see names like Beep, Wine, Cobli, and Caju among those who trust our work. We remain committed to our goal of providing efficient and quality solutions, and I thank everyone who has joined us on this mission.

We are a smart mobile operator This means that we make managing mobile lines as easy and simple as it should have always been. We say goodbye to paperwork and endless negotiations, providing businesses the ability to view and manage their active lines, employee assignments, and usage details straightforwardly. All this is without the trap of the classic loyalty contracts that cause so much trouble.

We’ve brought software technology to an industry that, historically, has never put the customer at the center, especially in the B2B market. We’ve created a modern, intuitive, and effective dashboard that gives businesses the degree of autonomy and transparency they didn’t even know they needed.

What’s up next?

This new investment marks the beginning of a vibrant chapter for us:

Build an even better product: We have already made significant changes in the industry, but we are aware that there is more to be done. Expect improvements in experience, speed, coverage, design, and many others.

Grow as a platform: We understand the complexity that mobile telephony represents for IT departments across Brazil, and we are also aware of the countless other challenges these teams face daily. Our goal is to integrate our platform with these various needs and become a reference not only in telephony solutions but in IT as a whole.

Accelerate our growth: Despite significant advances, there is much more to achieve. Our goal is to introduce Salvy to even more teams and become the operator of thousands of companies.

Keep following us!

I invite you to join our journey on social media. We are present on LinkedIn and Instagram. Follow us there for the latest updates!

To wrap up, I would like to thank each and every one of you for contributing to Salvy’s success. Here’s to the next chapter of growth and building!

Artur Negrão

CEO, Salvy

Junte-se a Salvy

Junte-se a centenas de outras empresas que descomplicaram telecom. A Salvy é perfeita para quem tem time de vendas, suporte ou operação na rua. Só com a Salvy você consegue uma solução rápida, transparente e ainda economiza.

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